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"The 16 Things You Need to Know! Before You Get A Cruise Line Job"


Travel the world and get paid!

I've been to over 75 countries and worked on 8 ships for 2 of the largest cruise companies. This is what you need to know to get hired and make some real money.

So many people asked me how I got so lucky, that I decided to write this book. Get the inside scoop now.

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What you will learn


How I Got Hired?

“How did you ever get that job?” people ask me, and my response is always the same:
“I applied”


Tax-Free Cash!

Cruise line jobs are often advertised as “Tax-Free Income”, and what
they really mean is that they do not withhold any taxes, big difference.


Cash is King!

Bring Money, and be prepared to “pay your way” Yes, cash is king, and everyone will quickly explain how the bribery and kickbacks work

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Don't 'Miss the Boat'

Be prepared that the ship will sail without you, and you can find yourself in some pretty
sticky situations.


Life Below Decks

You will be essentially confined to crew quarters, because you are not allowed to go to
the Casino, the shows, the pool, or the shops.

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Too Much Sex?

You’ll find yourself turning down sex, just so you can get some actual sleep!

About the author

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Joel Frenette

My name is Joel Frenette; I’m a 40-year old French Canadian
who actually worked on cruise ships for many years.

I have over 12 years experience in IT and over 14 years’
experience in the F&B industry, including 4 and a half years
working on cruise lines.

I was the first Canadian to ever sign the employment contract
with Carnival Cruise Lines as a Bar Waiter, back in 1996.

I also worked for Princess Cruises for a few years. In total, I worked on 9 different
ships over a four and a half year period ending in 2001.



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I learned a lot and it was fun!


I learned a lot and it was fun!


I learned a lot and it was fun!


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